£2.50 for a 3 course meal? Don’t mind if I do. Especially after a pretty full-on week!

So there I was getting ready for a night out… a very rare night out after a pretty full-on and stressful week!  AND I didn’t have to justify going out.  You see, at the back end of last year, our team won an award at work.  The prize was a meal out.  On top of that, we had a 50% off voucher to use at the particular place.  Result!  We don’t always get the chance to chit chat because more often than not, it’s busy busy busy, which is good.  So it made a nice change to be able to chat over my breaded mushrooms with garlic dip, my scampi and chips (I just fancied it!) and my coconut and jam sponge pudding with custard.  Yum!  After splitting the bill down the middle and taking our prize money off, I ended up paying just £2.50 for the lot.  Actually it was £2.40 but I didn’t have any change and wasn’t going to quibble at that!

Well and truly stuffed, it was a good night.

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