The 3 A’s ~ An Adventure Awaits…

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adventure wotw 31 jan 2014

Picture source:  Pinterest



Because I love being inspired with writing ideas. Because I love feeling the initial idea grow ‘roots’. Because I love jotting down notes as the ideas ‘stem’ off into full flow to form the writing. Because I love a challenge that pushes me, despite my many other commitments of a varying nature. Because I like to take a little time for me. Because I was looking to get involved with another linky for this blog (like the one this post is written for – #Word of the Week).
Just because.
I’m going to take part in the April #AtoZChallenge  starting in, well April!
So yes, there is much anticipation for an alphabet ‘adventure’ here at VirtuallyAllSorts.
Why do it?
Because I can…

You know that book you’ve always wanted to turn into an eBook?

You know that you’ve never known how to do it?

Well, Virtually All Sorts can show you how ~ create your eBook the Easy Peasy way today!


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