A slice of cake and a good read anyone?

cake theme game

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Lovely, scrumptious, delicious cake!

Unless it’s for medical reasons or a diet, you’d be hard-pushed to find someone in the stratosphere who doesn’t eat cake.

Almost everybody likes cake.

Whether it’s:

“…just a tiny slither – I’m on a diet!”


“Oh go on, just a little bit more!”

or even

“Keep going, keep going… lovely thanks! Can you pass the cream please?”

There is no denying that cake is pretty universally liked.

Cake brings people together for celebrations, for commiserations, for congratulations.  Cake brings people together for fun, for fruitiness, for (over) indulgence, for, “one last one before the diet starts”.

In fact all of this talking cakes got me to realising that a nice piece of cake is like a good piece of writing:

If you take the time to choose the right, good quality ingredients, you’ve got a starter for ten.

You can look through a shop window at the latest offerings and keep walking or give into temptation…

You can gulp both of them down but miss out on some of the best bits if they’re not savoured.

You share them both with friends – or keep both of them all for yourself!

They can both unite people and cause disagreements (who isn’t just being polite when they refuse the last slice of cake if offered?!)

If left for long enough at the right temperature, they can both result in a mouth-watering treat to delight and tantalise your taste-buds!

A  good cake and a good book.  The perfect partnership.  Now all that’s missing is the coffee…

Cake anyone?

This week’s #TheThemeGame with The Reading Residence and Redpeffer is ‘cake’. Why not join in?


The Theme Game


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  1. I love cake… and really agree with you that cake and a good book, without forgetting the nice, warm cuppa, are a match made in heaven! Mel #TheThemeGame

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