A strawberry A-fayre…

Strawberry fayre

Strawberries.  Lovely, plump, sweet, juicy, delicious strawberries.  Mmmm! (Okay so not actually strawberry but a strawberry ‘plant’ nonetheless..)

This is a short tale of my strawberry a-fayre (and a cheeky play on words, because I do love words!).

Last year I was extremely proud that I had managed to get a strawberry ‘going’ from seed.   Then I had to face reality that in fact they were just weeds and not healthy strawberry plants poking through at all!

This year, I have tried again and as you can see from the picture above,

they are doing okay!

It’s ‘fair’ to say that my strawberry ‘fayre’ is doing great!  We just need plenty more sunshine and then we’re good to go…


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