Adam and the Ants!

Got you reading… ha!  Or maybe it didn’t…!

Prince charming… prince charming… ridicule is nothing to be scared of.  Or the song goes something like that anyway!  It’s Friday night, I’m shattered as usual and on a bit of a random one 🙂
We never go out, got not money… it’s not a whinge.  I’m very lucky, extremely lucky.  I’ve got alot to be very grateful for.  And I am grateful.  So when I found out the Cinderella will go to the charity ball, I was so excited!!  Babysitter sorted (thanks Mum!).  My prince charming is my hubby.  Hair was booked anyway, for the week before the ball (just in case).  Just got to find a dress now.
This brings me onto a challenge laid down by a good friend.  Last night she laid down the guantlet for ideas for a charity challenge and anyone who might want to join her.  Due to the distance and lack of fitness (on my part anyway), I suggested letting our eyebrows grow.  I might have to duck out of this one now though.  Don’t want to Cinderella going to the ball with bushy eyebrows!!
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