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Ladies and gents, may I have your attention please… the new cover for my ebook ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’ is here!… Image with lots of help from the amazingly talented Maddy Wheal Fairytale Photography. I think you’ll all agree that she’s done a fantastic job in making it . Not forgetting that 50% OF SALES GO TO THE CHARITY APEC (Action on Pre-Eclampsia ). Thank you x
 Please like and share my facebook page for good measure 😉 Pre-Eclampsia & hellp ~ Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy

Or if you haven’t got a kindle, you can download adobe reader for free on any laptop or pc and read it in pdf format… follow the link 

Alternatively, if technology isn’t your thing, please follow this link to purchase from Virtually All Sorts, send an email from this website after your purchase and you will be sent a printable version (providing you’ve got a printer of course!)

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