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#WonderfulWorldofWriting will be back on 6th September!

Got some writing to share?  I’d love you to share your writing with me.  Please link up – it’s open all month (and if you choose to – and if you don’t blog – please tweet your post url to me @AllSortsHere and include #WonderfulWorldofWriting or simply #www )

Poetry, prose, short stories 500 words or under, flash fiction.  Anything goes!  As many as you like!

#WonderfulWorldofWriting is a monthly feature on my blog (new link opens 1st Wednesday of the month and stays open all month).   #www for short because we can share a wonderful world of writing on the world wide web! 🙂

Click here for the current www post.

And when you’ve read and linked up to that, here’s why writing is my way to inner peace…

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Got some writing to share?  Tweet me @AllSortsHere with #WonderfulWorldofWriting and I’ll retweet 🙂


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