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So, what’s so amazing about this Christmas activity?  Well, last year, our little bear was keen to write a few Christmas cards for all her friends at the childminders and pre-school.

And this year she was keen to write more Christmas cards but this year she wrote them herself!  Yes, it took a lot longer to spell our her friends’ names for her to write but it was magical for her to be able to write ‘Happy Christmas’ all by herself, with no prompting on spelling after a few cards had been written.

But what’s not so amazing about this Christmas activity?

She now has school friends to add to the card list so it takes a little a lot longer! 😉

And as a final thought, I get tingles when I consider what is to yet to come on the incredible learning journey in 2015.  Our little bear can now read and write at a basic level, she has taught us a thing or 2 about phonics, and she can do basic sums all by herself.

What gives you tingles about your little one’s learning journey?


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  1. They grow up so fast don’t they? I bet 2015 will hold so many many more adventures, learning milestones for you as well as for us. The tots are growing up just as quick . One starting school in 2015 which blows my mind away. Can’t believe it. The other following right behind him. I can’t wait!!! Thanks for linking up to Share With Me, for all the continual blog support throughout 2014! Happy Holidays! #sharewithme
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