… and the carrots still sit in the fridge :s

With 2 weeks off work, I had planned to do so much.  Well, okay so I’m nearly at the end of week 1 and I have done alot of what I had planned.  Although, it’s nice to just go with the flow.  Because I’m launching my eBook tomorrow… not sure if I’ve mentioned it at all… the carrots for the carrot cake still sit waiting patiently in the fridge. Maybe tomorrow.
 We’ve done playgroup, a morning out, just the 3 bears, the park, drawing…  we’ve done lots.  Today we’ve been to the park, been down the slide more times than I’ve had hot dinners, had a good potter around in the sandpit and paddling pool and munched away on a picnic at 11.15… because our little bear was hungry and likes sitting on the blue picnic blanket 🙂  Then she asked on the way home what she could have to eat. Her little face fell when I said there was only an orange left.  She shovelled it in at tea time and then asked what else she could have half an hour later!  A mixture of a growth spurt and working up an appetite.
Back to my book.  All I’ve got to do is click on the publish button on my website and the book will appear as if by magic (let’s hope so anyway!!)

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