Choked up and no sign of guilt…

Today I was really choked up.  Not only did I pick our little bear up from the childminder’s and she was perky and happy (after having a proper stinker of a cold for the past 2 days), but after getting settled back at home, I went through her changing bag as normal, to find out what she had been doing there.

Next to her record book was another, brand new book with her name on the front.  Wow!  Our little bear started with the childminder on 21st July 2010 and I remember clear as anything pulling her record book out of her changing bag that first day and reading that she had “settled in really well”.  Each and every time we collected her from the childminder’s we enjoyed reading what she had been doing that day.  It’s a bit different now because she can tell us herself, which is amazing in itself.  

So, that’s one thing that is most definitely NEVER going to be thrown out.  When you flick through it, you see how she developed through the months with her activities, from ICT toys helping co-ordination, to reading, to painting, to role play and acting out scenes from ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’.  It’s a little treasure trove.  What it makes me realise is that she’s absolutely completely and utterly thrived there.  After my book ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’ centred around my experience of pre-eclampsia and hellp syndrome, my next book in the next few months is going to be centred around the subject of avoiding guilt as a working mum.  This book is testament to my belief that you should never feel that guilt.

 Only yesterday, we found a little envelope in her changing bag with an invitation to her friend’s birthday party.  That friend, Megan, is mentioned every single time our little bear is asked what she’s done at the childminder’s.  She often says she’s her best friend. 

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A stair gate to heaven!

Picture the scene – I’m sitting downstairs when I hear ‘stamp, stamp, stamp’ and the sound of a door being flung open… No its not the resident ghost! It’s our 3 year old little bear deciding that she doesn’t want to go to bed just yet. I’ve got other ideas though. It’s 9 pm and I’ll be boogered if I’m playing THIS game. I stand my ground while she’s standing at her stair gateshouting that she wants to come downstairs. An over-tired and emotional little bear is not a good combination…  I will report next time on whether she managed to hurdle over the stair gate *sigh*

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Definitely a PMM !

This morning turned into a bit of a rush.  All of a sudden, it was time to make a mad dash to the shop to get a few bits.  As usual, we still managed to fill a basket up.  Our little bear helped me ‘beep’ the shopping through the self service <3  It was while on the way home that we got stuck in the tail end of the school run traffic that I realised we weren’t in a rush at all.  So off home we went to chill for 45 minutes before we made our way to Messy Play.  We hadn’t been for a good few weeks and our little bear made a bee-line for the painting. “It’s a pig and a giraffe Mummy”, was the proud reply I got when I asked what she had painted.
Then she wanted to go outside.  I wrote her name on a little blackboard and asked her what it said.  Before I knew it, out little bear was writing ‘EMM’ on the blackboard.  I asked her what it said and she told me it was her name, with a big smile on her face.  When I asked her what letter came next, she told me!  Definitely a Proud Mummy Moment!

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One giant leap…

My plea for ‘hellp’ at a ‘pamper night’… raising awareness of pre-eclampsia and hellp syndrome through my book ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’

Last night I went to a local ‘pamper night’.  Not to be pampered but to fly the flag for pre-eclampsia and hellp syndrome in the form of my book ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’.  I took along some print outs of the first chapter and am happy to say that I didn’t bring any home!  I also took along some stats from a website by Action on Pre-eclampsia.  I chatted to lots of people about pre-e and was very encouraged by the interest and how many people engaged with me and the information.

One lady though, it seemed, didn’t really get ‘it’.  She was expecting her 6th child and just brushed off that she had a high BMI (one of the danger factors for getting pre-eclampsia).  She was very flippant that she didn’t know the symptoms of pre-e and said that she would ‘be okay’ because she had done it ‘enough times’.  I politely wished her all the best and gave one of the print outs of my first chapter.  I do hope she reads it and realises that no one is immune to complications in pregnancy.

Read my emotional and inspiring true story ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’. Available now. 50% of sales to the charity Action on Pre-Eclampsia. Thank you.

My head’s buzzing…

…too many ideas buzzing around my little head.  So many possibilities for subjects for other books, and torn between working on them first or chipping away at bringing ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’ to the front of peoples’ minds.

I have come across a lady who is a whizz at digital touch ups.  She has edited the current cover of my book and I’m just waiting on permission from her to use the picture she has worked on before I ‘go live’ with the new look.  
In the meantime, the pamper night is only a few nights away and I need to come up with a battle plan for that 🙂  
This week I’ve also looked at converting my pdf/word to epub.  The book is now for sale on lulu but only as pdg and I really really want to be able to say ‘I did the epub myself’.  For one, I can’t afford to pay someone to convert it.  It surely can’t be THAT difficult?!  I’ll sit down tonight and look into that…
My head’s also buzzing from a busy but thoroughly enjoyable weekend.  We had our little bear’s 3rd birthday party on Saturday with her friend, whose birthday is only a week or so before hers.  Soft play places are the way forward.  Our little bear is so lucky with all the presents she got.  Thanks 🙂   Today we went to visit a friend with a 6 week old baby and 3 year old (a month older than our bear).  We hadn’t been to their new house before and it was so lovely to see them, for the girls to play together and for me to have a little cuddle with the new bundle of joy.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get together again soon.  There was also talk of us taking the girls for a CBeebies or ‘beebies’ tour.  Wow, what fun!!
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Life is a rollercoaster and it’s gathering momentum!…

I’ve been very wrapped up my ebook ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’ this week!  9 ‘likes’ in a week…. Thank you so much! The awareness is really gathering momentum now…  My virtual friend Kelly Lewis has launched her own book and between us we’re really picking up speed…  which is exactly what I wanted to do.  So if you’re reading this and you’ve already ‘liked’ or ‘shared’ my facebook page, a massive thanks.  If you haven’t, why not visit and like and share to ‘hellp’ me spread the word on pre-eclampsia and hellp syndrome?  Why not read my full story too.  Half of the sales go to the charity Action on Pre-eclampsia.  

I’m supposed to be working on my next book but my time has been taken up with my first one.  I really do need to give myself a deadline for completing the next one and stop getting so distracted!… 


Read my emotional and inspiring true story ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’. Available now. 50% of sales to the charity Action on Pre-Eclampsia. Thank you.

I love widgets!

I’ve been playing around with some widgets for twitter and facebook on my website and have changed the ones just for my ebook page.  I thought ‘what’s the point in people liking my website but not being able to get to my ‘Pre-Eclampsia & hellp~Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’ facebook page from my ‘Everything Ebook’ website page.  Are you still following?!  So it’s all be changed and is now groovier than before!  I ‘like’ !

My new virtual friend Kelly Lewis has also written a book to raise awareness of hellp syndrome.  I’m proud to have a snippet of my own book in ‘HELLP syndrome in pregnancy – Real life stories’ and am in awe of the courage she must have needed to compile her book.  She was a survivor of hellp but didn’t get a ‘take home baby’.  I feel very priviledged to have a been a part of her journey so far and feel like I’ve made friends through mine and her facebook pages. Both books are on sale now.  Raising awareness and money for charity.

Read my emotional and inspiring true story ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’. Available now. 50% of sales to the charity Action on Pre-Eclampsia. Thank you.

The good old times, assertiveness and another sale!

After a good friend posted a ton of pictures of the bygone days online, we now have a reunion provisionally planned for July 2013!  It really is incredible how a few photos can stir up so many happy memories (not mammories lads!) and get a group of very good friends back together again!

I’ve sold another copy of my book ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’… very, extremely, unbelievably pleased about that (as Lola from  ‘Charlie and Lola’ might say!)

Of all the books you can read about how to cope with a toddler’s assertiveness, you can’t really, truly be prepared for it in real life.  Picture the scene – with not a great deal of time before our little bear had to go to the childminders to see her ‘animal friends’, we made a quick trip to the library.  It’s getting harder and harder to coax her into her pushchair these days and to be fair, she is getting too big for it.  Where DID my baby go?!  She’s quite happy to walk with her reins but has recently started to pull back on them like a dog and wants to go in completely the opposite direction.  If you want to go to the shop, she wants the park. Not a problem if you’re not in a hurry!  She’s also decided that she wants to actually sit on her potty.  Great! Fantastic!  But not when you’ve got to the be out of the house in 5 minutes…! Assertiveness is a great characteristic and I hope she grows up to be confident and assertive but I’m running out of negotiation skills and bribes!

Fill your boots with bargains!

Over the weekend, we popped to Tesco.  On the way in, there were grey skys but not so bad that I didn’t have high hopes of cutting the lawn after our shopping trip.  Perhaps the last cut before winter…

I digress.  On the way out of Tesco it was raining fast and steady.  Once back at the car, I realised that my foot was wet.  I had a hole in my trainers, delilah delilah, a hole in my trainers, delilah a hole.  I did think about dashing back into the shop to get some new ones.  I walk to work in them and change into my work shoes when I get there, so thought I could make do for a few days and just change my socks too…

Monday morning, it was proper chucking it down so I decided to get our little bear and go and get me some new shoes.  Our bear was in her element in the shop.  She was choosing me pairs to try on, when I had finished with a pair, she put them back in the same place.  It so happened that it was the first day in week of 20% off!  Bargain!  I could afford some slightly better ones in that case!

We got back home and our little bear decided to play shoe shops.  She put her slippers in the box and wore my new trainers.  Too cute!  I wonder if she would still have wanted to wear them if they didn’t have a pink in them??!


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Oh no, I dance like my Dad!!

Yes it’s a fact. One that I noticed myself and have to admit is true! Today while dancing round with  3 my nearly 3 year old, I was throwing all sorts of shapes and moves to keep her amused. Then I realised that I was dancing EXACTLY like my Dad! Exactly like him! It was a strange moment because most people ,especially hubby, say I sound and walk like my Mum/sister. You kind of expect that as a woman. But not to dance like your Dad!

I’ve also read someone else’s blog today about music helping to stimulate the brain. It’s quite clear to me that our little girl has benefitted from musical play groups. She now randomly sings whole songs without being prompted. Maybe this is perfectly normal at this stage but I’m not biased you understand!..  When I was pregnant, she always used to have a jiggle to music, particularly classical music. I’ve just read about how a child’s eardrums are very sensitive, particularly in the third trimester of pregnancy.

We’ve usually got music of some sort on at home. I hate silence. As the songs says ‘music makes the people come together!’