Away with the fairies

Over tired, clingy or poorly?  And that’s just me!  Any parent knows that when your little one doesn’t settle at bed time it can be very upsetting.  We have been very lucky with our little bear.  I can count on 2 hands the occasions when she hasn’t settled to bed within 5 minutes.  I say ‘lucky’ but actually I put it down to a very good bedtime routine that we’ve stuck to pretty much since day one… well, since she started sleeping through the night anyway.
So, tonight after she had had her stories, I said it was time to clean her teethy pegs and then bedtime.  As usual, she took her teddy, climbed the stairs with the usual, “I don’t want to hold your hold hand Mummy, I can do it by myself”, brushed her teeth, got into bed and off she went.  At least until I went to leave the room and randomly she put her hand to grab me.  I said it was bedtime, showed her where her favourite teddy was and left the room.  10 minutes later she was still crying.  Not whinging but crying.  It’s Friday night, I’m pretty tired myself and I’m thinking I should just go and check her because like I said, it’s very very rare that she doesn’t settle quickly, if not straight away.  After around 15 minutes it suddenly went quiet and I put it down to over-tiredness.  I was quite pleased with myself for not relenting to the calpol, because she has got a cold. 
10 minutes after the quiet, she started again.  Armed with the calpol and spoon, I went up, gave her a dose, she laid her beautiful head down and zzzzz  she was away with the fairies.  A happy bear and a happy mummy!

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