Blogs are like snow…

Blogs are amazing.

Blogs are like walking in the snow.

You gingerly take your first step and you don’t quite know how deep your foot is going to go.  You listen to that ‘snow sound’.  You know, the quiet crunch as you take another step.

Take a look behind you.  What do you see?  Your footprints in that virgin snow.  You have made an impression in the snow.

Blogs are like these footprints.  The writer, or blogger,  has to keep writing fresh content before another blogger comes along and smudges the impressions they’ve just made.  Or before the ‘follower’ gets distracted by another blog and never looks back at those impressions you’ve just made.  That distraction is another path that another blogger has just laid.

Sometimes a blogger has to guess where the path is under all the snow.  Often, the snow is already compacted and icy, forcing the blogger onto an unknown path and out of their writing comfort zone.

This can be exciting but scary.  Go too fast and you fall flat on your blogging face.  Too slow and you have to follow the slow-moving herd over the compacted path of ever-more-slippery ice.

Much like snow, if your blog is not memorable, it simply turns to slush, becoming an obstacle while the follower (and blogger) is trying to get from A to B.  The slush then slips away and melts into nothing.

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