Can you see the green line?

Have you ever found yourself in a bit of a rush with your little one in tow?  I know I have.  More often than not in fact!  I’ve also found myself quickly bundling our little bear into the car seat because I’m running late for the childminder’s and will be late for work.  As I bundle her into the car though, I always but ALWAYS check the green line’s showing in her harness and the straps are properly over her shoulders.  Always. 

How tempting is it to think that you can’t be late for work and not check the harness is on properly?  Well we all need to pay the bills, don’t we.  One event that has really taken the wind out of my sails this Christmas is a relative and her little girl being involved in a serious car accident.  Resulting in her 4 year old now being in hospital, having already had an operation on her head and currently on bed rest with a lacerated liver.  As if that wasn’t serious enough, it would have been devastating if her car seat had not been correctly fitted.  And that’s the official line from the fire chief of the crew who cut her out of the car.  Her mum is also recovering from cuts and bruises but is devoting all her time and energy to making sure her little girl recovers. 

I can’t imagine what thoughts are going through her mind.  I know the thoughts would be going through my mind, if I had been in her position with our little bear.  I have had to blink back tears several times.

So my positive thoughts and wishes go to them all.  How did that TV campaign go all those years ago? “Clunk click every trip”?

Remember the green line.




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