I sometimes feel like a train… chugging along and not stopping for anyone!  Tonight is one of those nights but you know what?  I love it!  Sure, there are some days/nights when I just say ‘whatever’ to the housework and don’t potter around but sit still.  It always feels odd though, like I should be doing something else. 

Maybe the fact that I’m working on my next book (while marketing the first one!) means that I’m not actually tired at the moment.  Just incredibly excited!

I’ve made it through the day without a coffee too!  A couple of years ago I went cold turkey on caffeine (eeek!) due to a very bad water infection which I didn’t want to recur in a hurry.  The doctor suggested cutting out caffeine and fizzy drinks.  So I did.  Just like that.  Without a doubt I do feel tons better when I haven’t had a coffee.  Also the fact that I’ve slept much better the last couple of nights helps to stop me feeling zapped.  Possibly because I’ve been so zonked out from lack of sleep from the heat…

The feeling you get when you’ve achieved something is immense and that’s why I’m working on my next book…  I’m not stopping for anyone J

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