Definitely a PMM !

This morning turned into a bit of a rush.  All of a sudden, it was time to make a mad dash to the shop to get a few bits.  As usual, we still managed to fill a basket up.  Our little bear helped me ‘beep’ the shopping through the self service <3  It was while on the way home that we got stuck in the tail end of the school run traffic that I realised we weren’t in a rush at all.  So off home we went to chill for 45 minutes before we made our way to Messy Play.  We hadn’t been for a good few weeks and our little bear made a bee-line for the painting. “It’s a pig and a giraffe Mummy”, was the proud reply I got when I asked what she had painted.
Then she wanted to go outside.  I wrote her name on a little blackboard and asked her what it said.  Before I knew it, out little bear was writing ‘EMM’ on the blackboard.  I asked her what it said and she told me it was her name, with a big smile on her face.  When I asked her what letter came next, she told me!  Definitely a Proud Mummy Moment!

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