Duck wing anyone?

The dreaded sound of ‘quack quack’ was going through my head. Any moment now, I was sure to hear it.  Gingerly, I eased the duck out from under our little bear’s arm, tip toed out of her bedroom and headed for the sewing kit!  It was 10pm and I had just remembered that the duck’s wing was literally hanging by a thread.  Now I had a (very serious) discussion about hubby on this one.  Should we just leave it and risk not getting a chance to sew the wing on again tomorrow?  Or worse, risk her waking up in the night to a wingless duck.  No!  Given that trying to prise the duck away for a millisecond while she was awake was quite possibly not going to happen, we thought the best option was Mission Quack Quack! 

So I found myself at the sewing kit with a duck.  Trying very hard not to grip it too hard and therefore set the ‘quack quack’ off, I carefully sewed the wing back on… no yellow cotton though.  Purple was the colour of choice, being as it’s one of her favourite colours!  I tip-toed back in to her bedroom and she was snoring her little head off. Duck in position, mission accomplished!

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