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As our ‘little’ one approaches her 4th birthday, her Mummy and Daddy (that’s us!) are so very proud of her in so many ways.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to gush about our little girl for the whole of this blog – although I easily could…  Instead I’m going to say how proud we are that she will say has begun to form letters.  She will say, “I’m going to do some drawing and letters,” and go off to her drawer to do just that.  She has particularly enjoyed the Top That! Early Learning Fun: Words and Shapes sticker activity floor pad.  It’s an excellent activity book which has encouraged her to form letters by tracing the dots and it goes without saying that she loves the stickers!

Just this weekend, instead of making her friend Jack a birthday card,  she formed some letter on some scrap paper for him.  We popped them in an envelope and she was very pleased with herself.  She has been able to write her first name for months and after reading about literacy online this week, it seems that this is no coincidence.  Since she was around 3 months old, we have done all of the following with her:

  • Read to her
  • Pointed out everyday objects to her
  • Talked her through the activity we are doing (such as cooking, putting her in her car seat/pushchair)
  • Chatted to her while she was kicking happily and admiring herself in the mirror under her play gym

In short, we have encouraged her with every little thing she has done right with her literacy.  From when she has pointed to an object and repeated the right word, to pointing to a letter/number and repeating the right one, and reading her the same stories that she has asked for over and over… and over and over again… and again!

Parenting is hard work.  Quite possibly the hardest job you will ever find but the most rewarding – if done with your heart and soul in the right place.

However, if you lay the foundations and build them up steadily, they will soon allow your little one to shine through.  

Trust us, we know.


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Thank you.

Disclaimer: This product was purchased for us by a family friend.  All views and opinions are mine and not those of Top That! publishing plc. 

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