Fill your boots with bargains!

Over the weekend, we popped to Tesco.  On the way in, there were grey skys but not so bad that I didn’t have high hopes of cutting the lawn after our shopping trip.  Perhaps the last cut before winter…

I digress.  On the way out of Tesco it was raining fast and steady.  Once back at the car, I realised that my foot was wet.  I had a hole in my trainers, delilah delilah, a hole in my trainers, delilah a hole.  I did think about dashing back into the shop to get some new ones.  I walk to work in them and change into my work shoes when I get there, so thought I could make do for a few days and just change my socks too…

Monday morning, it was proper chucking it down so I decided to get our little bear and go and get me some new shoes.  Our bear was in her element in the shop.  She was choosing me pairs to try on, when I had finished with a pair, she put them back in the same place.  It so happened that it was the first day in week of 20% off!  Bargain!  I could afford some slightly better ones in that case!

We got back home and our little bear decided to play shoe shops.  She put her slippers in the box and wore my new trainers.  Too cute!  I wonder if she would still have wanted to wear them if they didn’t have a pink in them??!


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