On Friday we got our little bear’s quarterly report from the childminder.  That sounds so clinical doesn’t it?  Well I suppose it is, in its on way.  Seeing your little one every day can mean that you take for granted what they can say and do, how they say and do it, and how they interact with you and their surroundings.  So when you read in black and white what another person has observed…  it makes you so so proud 🙂

She expresses herself when she doesn’t like something…  very tactfully put!  the part that brought tears to my eyes was ‘she concentrates for long periods on painting and making shapes from play-doh’ and ‘she is very kind and gentle… she never pushes and shoves other children… she has a very caring nature and talks about mummy and daddy in a loving way’  Show me a parent that wouldn’t be proud as punch to read that about their nearly 3 year old.

This afternoon, I was about to break off from playing with balloons or ‘loons’ with our bear and daddy, when she asked if she could cook something. Now I really did need to get one with some stuff today but because she asked so nicely, I asked if she wanted to make muffins.  She was so excited!!  So glad I took time out to do that 🙂

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