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How grateful are you to be able to read and write?

This blog post and YouTube vlog from Chrissy Faery really made me stop and think. I’d encourage you to watch the 3 minute video through but the part that made me write this post on gratitude is at 2.11.

It’s true, I think, that we take being literate for granted, particularly in the modern developed world.  Yes it’s true that education is free in the UK  (indeed, a legal requirement), so why wouldn’t the majority be literate?

To be able to communicate with and by the written word, to understand and be understood, to learn and be learned, to debate with and overall to enjoy the written word, is an amazing thing to be able to do.

Being able to physically write is a gift in my opinion.  Of course, reading and writing are a complimentary skillset.    As someone who loves to read as much as possible and to write snailmail via postcircle, to write blog posts including poetry and flash fiction, to write ebooks – to not be able to write just wouldn’t feel like ‘me’.

Of course, if I had always been illiterate, I would never know any different, but I’ve often said that I love to get in the flow of writing and (it’s blow my own trumpet time), I believe that I’ve got the knack in some genres.  Well, you’ve got to believe in yourself, haven’t you?!

This vlog has brought it home to me that I need to continue to embrace my love of writing, my love of being creative, my love of the written word.

My #NextBigThing will be, well the Next Big Thing.

My blog will continue to be an outlet of creativity and the written word.

My gratitude has been reignited (did it ever leave?  Maybe I had begun to take things for granted…)

Let’s embrace literacy!


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  1. What a thought provoking post Carol! I’m truly grateful for knowing the basics, and for my children to grow up around loads of books and learning resources. Start down the road of nouns and pronouns and I know *nothing* though! Hopefully my kids will fare up better in that department…

    Looking forward to hearing more about your book lovely #whatimwriting
    Mummy Tries recently posted…Book Update Four: Why and Who?My Profile

  2. Thank you SO much for linking to my vlog! 😀

    We really are so blessed to be able to read and write! It’s hard to imagine life without it, especially when reading and writing is such a passion!

    Thank you so much for this post! Wishing you a wonderful day! xx

  3. I think the ability to read and write is something I do take for granted just because I’ve been able to do it for as long as I remember but you’re right, it is actually an amazing think to be able to do. I think my world would be so much smaller without it. And like you I don’t think I would be ‘me’ without it. Thanks for linking up this thoughtful post with #WhatImWriting

  4. Very true – I think it’s all too easy to take literacy for granted, but having seen young people (and their parents) struggle during my time as a teacher I am very aware of how many barriers being able to fluently read and write breaks down. I have Arthur napping on me so I’ll have to check out the blog later – sounds very inspiring though 🙂 x
    Sophie is… recently posted…Writing dreamsMy Profile

    • Definately. Our little bear has just started in reception and has brought home a couple of Biff and Kipper books. She loves reading them (insists on reading them at breakfast in actual fact!) and it’s interesting to see the structure of them. There is most definitely a stigma attached to being illiterate and literacy truly does open up so many opportunities. Anyway, I’ve already written my post and won’t write another in my reply to you! 🙂

  5. Yep! Got that too. Can not imagine not being able to read or write. (I liked the bit about having a childhood outside as well. Tech is great but mud pies are AWESOME!)

    You are spot on with the self-belief too, even though we can find it very hard at times. Bestsellers are normally written by determined people who didn’t give up when they receievd heaps of rejections. They took the knock and tried again, knowing that they had something special x
    Chrissie recently posted…What I’m Writing – Week #4My Profile

  6. You’re right, it’s very important to remember what a gift literacy is and how many people are deprived of being able to read and write. I’ve done quite a bit of family research and not many generations ago my family members couldn’t sign their own name on their marriage certificate – instead they had to mark it with a cross. That reminded me how far we’ve come and that many more people have the chance to read and write these days. I suppose storytelling has always existed, but to not be able to read a book – it’s unimaginable.
    Emily Organ recently posted…Writing, self doubt and the nagging voiceMy Profile

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