‘H’ is for Herbal tea

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A few years ago I went cold turkey on the old caffeine for health reasons.  For a couple of days it was haaaard!

Oh yes, it was hard.

Determination and resilience were the key and I turned instead to Redbush (naturally caffeine-free) tea.  Now, I don’t think I could drink ‘normal’ tea.  Instead I drink ‘h’erbal tea.  My love of the taste of coffee is satisfied by de-caff.

I saw the sense in having the occasional ‘full fat’, ‘leaded’ coffee, which is a real treat!

What’s your favourite herbal tea?  Comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere . Maybe it’s a flavour you need to tell the world about!


This post is for ‘H’ in the #AtoZChallenge.



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  1. I just found Pukka Three Mint tea – a blend of spearmint, peppermint and fieldmint and it’s great! I’ve got so many gross herbal teas in the cupboard though. 🙁 I went caffeine free too but I do miss my English breakfast!! I still love going to Starbucks though and getting a decaf soy whatever, they taste just as good. Especially with a duffin, have you got duffins where you are?! 😀 x

    • Hi, I rarely visit Starbucks or the ‘cheaper’ imitations, although you can’t beat a Starbucks, that’s for sure! As for duffins… never heard of them. Please enlighten me. If they go with my herbal and/or decaf, I’d love to try one!

  2. I like coffee, but it doesn’t agree with me 🙂 The acid I guess, not the caffeine because I drink black tea. My favorite herbal tea is mint. Sometimes I mix it with another herb as well. Mint tea is great with dessert!

  3. I like the SleepyTime herbal tea. Not fancy, but good, especially on cool evenings, or when I’m super tired. It’s just relaxing to have that cup of warm goodness (sweetened with honey).

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