My happy January #365doh

365doh january sorting the juice from the pith 365 days of happy blog positivity gratitude

So here’s where I sort the juice of my month from the pith and focus on the happy , the positivity and gratitude in my life ūüôā

The first day of the year started with a zing when I published my blogpost of #TheZenZing series. ¬†Focussing on putting the energy back in your life, and with it the energy, too! ¬†The 2nd post is next on my blog¬†and it’s all about¬†being mindful of the breath…

I was very pleased with little ‘old’ me half way through the month when I stood my ground with Our Little Bear. ¬†She pushed the boundaries, tried my patience and I didn’t cave in. ¬†Go me!

Then I had reason to be very proud when she got 2 house points at school for her homework.  Nothing quite beats that proud moment, hey?

The following day (3 in a row!), hubby bought me a bunch of flowers.  Just because he wanted to.  Now, that one never fails to put a smile on my face and always makes me feel grateful.  Always.

I had some time with hubby over a lovely pub brekkie which was great!

And here we are, going into February already.

I’m linking this up with Lexie at Those Words She Wrote for #365doh, what will you share?


Those Words She Wrote


Is it someone’s birthday and you don’t know what to do?

Let me write a personal rhyme especially for you.


A personal rhyme from you to them,
it’s unique, bespoke and easy.
Get in touch today, waste no more time,
It’s really easy peasy…

“Bespoke Rhymes

‚Ķfor those¬†personal¬†times‚ÄĚ


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