I do think it’s lovely when…

…you know someone’s reading your blog, you have something to look forward to like a birthday party, and you find some encouraging and profound words on another blog.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party and I was telling my friend how we had been looking for somewhere reasonably priced to have our little bear’s party.  A few minutes later, we decided on a joint party for our 2 bears!  Yay.  Can’t WAIT!!  Paaarty bags, paaarty food, bouncing on bouncy castles.  Whooopee!  I’m not usually one for adults parties to be honest, not any more.  But give me a good children’s party, especially one I can help plan and I’m happy!

I logged into my blog tonight and the notifications said I had 5 ‘likes’.  Whooooo hooooo!  Someone’s reading me.  Thanks!  All over the space of about 2 weeks too.

I followed the link to one of my ‘likers’ an found some profound and inspiring words on there: “Worrying does not empty tomorow of its troubles.  It empties today of its strength”

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