I love widgets!

I’ve been playing around with some widgets for twitter and facebook on my website and have changed the ones just for my ebook page.  I thought ‘what’s the point in people liking my website but not being able to get to my ‘Pre-Eclampsia & hellp~Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’ facebook page from my ‘Everything Ebook’ website page.  Are you still following?!  So it’s all be changed and is now groovier than before!  I ‘like’ !

My new virtual friend Kelly Lewis has also written a book to raise awareness of hellp syndrome.  I’m proud to have a snippet of my own book in ‘HELLP syndrome in pregnancy – Real life stories’ and am in awe of the courage she must have needed to compile her book.  She was a survivor of hellp but didn’t get a ‘take home baby’.  I feel very priviledged to have a been a part of her journey so far and feel like I’ve made friends through mine and her facebook pages. Both books are on sale now.  Raising awareness and money for charity.

Read my emotional and inspiring true story ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’. Available now. 50% of sales to the charity Action on Pre-Eclampsia. Thank you.

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