Introducing ‘The Friendly Little Trolls’ ~ a book series for children

The Friendly Little Trolls Fizzle and Wizzle morals childrens stories books book learning educational kickstarter planted a little seed

…after months of growing and picking out the weeds,

I checked them every day and tended to their needs…

My metaphoric plants have names, just like you and me,

They are Fizzle and Wizzle and are very friendly.

Welcome aboard, come on in and you will see… 🙂


Hello lovely readers!  And a special mention to the lovely blog linkers that are reading this.  Namely the #WhatImWriting linkers.  Why an extra special mention for them?  Well, they are the ones who I kept in suspense with my F&W project.  I couldn’t reveal anything at the time but was so excited that I had to say something!…

And here I am, launching my F&W campaign on my blog!  Or ‘Fizzle and Wizzle’ as they are called in my series of books for children.  Yes, ‘The Friendly Little Trolls’ are ready to go, go, go 🙂

Fizzle and Wizzle The Friendly Little Trolls book series for children visit the dentist

I had the idea a good few years ago and that’s when I planted the metaphoric seed that I speak of in the little ditty above.  Having read to and with our little girl (now 6), I’ve had time to do plenty of research!  The result is my labour of love, my 6 books written in rhyme, my Little Trolls 🙂

The project was put on hold for the past few months because of my rollercoaster ride but now I’m more determined than ever to seize the day and just go for it!  If you’d like to learn more or get involved, just follow this link.

And here’s the little video for the funding campaign to show what I’m talking about 😉


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  1. Ah ha! We finally find out your secret project! Well done Carol, I’m impressed – six whole books! And I know from experience how difficult it is to write in rhyme – it must have taken so much work. I’ve hd a peek over at your funding page – is there a sample of the book you could share? I’d love to find out more! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting and good luck with it all.
    Maddy@writingbubble recently posted…What I’m Writing – week sixty-oneMy Profile

    • Thanks Maddy! Yes 6 books and lots more drafts, I can tell you!! I’m going to blog a snippet in a few days and will go more into how The Trolls came about too 🙂 I’m really happy with the 6 that I’ve decided on… now the challenge continues to get it ‘out there’! 🙂

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