Ironing out the creases – or not

board wotw daily prompt 8th feb 2014

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Yes, ‘board’ as in ironing board, not ‘bored’ as in ‘I’m bored’!

When The Daily Post asked “which household task do you least enjoy?”, I thought it would be great to link up and also have ‘board’ as my #Word of the Week with The Reading Residence..

You see, we do own an ironing board in our house but I can’t even say I enjoy ironing, never mind enjoy it the least… because I don’t even do ironing!  The irony…

There, I’ve said it.  Our clothes have creases!  Yes they’re not smooth but they’re clean and dry and they fit.  Hubby irons his work shirts, I iron my uniform for work (begrudgingly…) and that is as far as my ironing goes.  It’s not because I’m lazy – far from it – I’m very very busy and don’t see the point in stressing over a few creases.

No slaving over an ironing board for me thank you very much!


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  1. Fab word! I don’t iron either, it would tip me over the edge if I had to add ironing to my to-do list. My Hubby irons his own work shirts too, always has done and that’s all that gets ironed in our house 🙂

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