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Letter writing to me is pure indulgence.  I always feel like that one from the film ‘Grease’ (Marty I think!) who writes letters to her many lovers on perfumed paper.  Not that I write letters to my many letters I hasten to add!  No, my letter writing is to my fellow Seagulls postcircle snailmail happymail penpals.
I’ve been indulging in a good few catch-ups this week.  I absolutely love the writing, re-reading the last note from the postcircle buddy, writing and decorating the envelope, popping the stamp on and then the anticipation of it falling through their letterbox a few days later (I’m stingy and use 2nd class!)
Sometimes I get inspiration for decorating my envelopes from my postcircle inspiration pinterest board… sometimes I simply drool over the pins!
Whatever, I have enjoyed the indulgence of putting pen to paper which is why my word of the week is ‘indulgence’.
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  1. Do you know what? I haven’t written a proper letter in probably over a decade! How awful is that. My penmanship is awful, so no one would be able to read my scrawl. It sounds like a wonderful think to do, and so tangible having the letters there in your hands. #WotW

    • I’m not saying my writing’s not a scrawl but then, to be fair I think that’s part of the whole experience. Writing from the heart that you don’t want to stop to make it easily readable!

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