‘Love’ aka simply ‘L’

the theme game love

What do you do when

They’re there all the time?

Waking. Breathing.

Eating. Breathing.

Sleeping. Breathing.

Working. Breathing.



You can dream.

But you know it has been.

Not a has been,

But it has been.

Could it be again?  You like to

Think so.


Mixed are those signals.

Am I no good at decoding

Those signals?  Reading

Too much into them.

Both good and bad.

Hanging like a floating bubble,

Changing colour and waiting to


Building up to a big bang.

Good or bad.


Could be good.  Can’t help thinking

It will turn out bad.

Why hope for good?

Loneliness could be the key.

It’s a key that doesn’t fit the lock.

Something is around the corner

Waiting to unlock it properly.


The world is full of  ‘L’.

Everywhere you look there’s ‘L’.

All you need is ‘L’.

But a different kind for me.

Mine has to be perfect,

Otherwise that big bubble could burst before time.


Too many ‘been there and done that’


Want to,

Need to get somewhere with that

‘L’ thing.


Wherever, whatever, however, whenever

The bubble bursts,

I know that way into the far

Distant future…

I know that they will be there

All the time.

Breathing. Dreaming… dreaming.


By Carol Cameleon


This is my take on the theme of ‘love’ with The Reading Residence and Redpeffer.  I wrote it back in January 1999 and, apart from my college tutor, this is the first time it’s been seen and ‘published’… It’s been archived in my college writing portfolio all this time.  I knew it was in there, so when this week’s theme was announced, I knew I had to dig it out!  I’m so glad I have because I’m very proud of my writing portfolio.  Maybe I should air the other pieces too…

Why not share the love of The Theme Game and join in?

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