Magic moments!

Happily playing in her little make-believe world, wheeling her dollies around the living room in her pram (at the last count she managed to fit 4 newborn-sized baby dolls in her toy pram!), I watch our little bear.  

“Time to go to the library and choose a book”, I say.

“Okay Mummy!”

 We walk round the corner to the library, our little bear is very excited to use the special machine to ‘beep’ her library card, return a book and choose another.  We sit on the little chairs to read it before we take it home and one by one around 20 other little people trudge in to the children’s corner with their pre-school mentors in tow!  The little ones then sit down on the floor, cross-legged in front of us, waiting for us (me and our little bear!) to read them a story!!!  Very cute.  All these little people sitting there, wide-eyed and expectant.  Our bear and I shuffle of the chairs and let the library lady sit down.  It’s story time and other than a bit of toddler-like shuffling and fidgeting, the lady has their full attention for a few minutes!  Our little bear takes it all in and listens on the edge of the circle too! 

That was my magic moment today.  Very simple but oh so very magical!  All them more so because in less than 4 weeks’ time she will be doing exactly what those little ones did today with her own pre-school. Magic!

On the way out, she helped the lady at the desk to stamp her book and said, “thank you very much”.

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