Mary Mary, quite contrary.

While enjoying a nice walk with our little bear, she decided she wanted a daisy. No problem. As usual she dropped it and said, “can I want another daisy please mummy.” Cue the usual response from me, “ok but just pick one more. We’re not stopping to pick every single daisy.” Another one was carefully chosen and picked. She got into the pushchair and called the daisy ‘Mary’. It was an unusual one with purple tinged petals. I pushed for a few minutes, lost in my own world when, “Mary… Where’s Mary mummy?”, my nearly 3 year old asked in a panic. Mary was hidden under her leg… Phew! I didn’t fancy having to find another one with purple petals.

Mary survived the journey home but I did insist that she stayed at home instead of go to the childminder’s! I also left strict instructions for hubby NOT to throw away the limp,dehydrated daisy on the kitchen side! Thankfully, Mary wasn’t mentioned anymore after that.

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