My #NextBigThing Writing Project ~ an apology !

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First up, I believe I have an apology to make…

I’m not entirely convinced that my previous post for this #WhatImWriting linky was in-keeping with the whole ethos of the linky.  Why?  Because I didn’t actually say much!  I didn’t actually tell you ‘what I’m writing’.  Nothing at all.

I suppose the reason being that I was scared of revealing it, quite honestly.  What if someone stole it, spruced it up and I saw my idea published before I’d even edited my version?!

Well further research tells me that my book idea is already ‘out there’ BUT not in the way I plan to approach it (which I will keep under wraps for now…)

You see, my book idea, my #NextBigThing project is aimed at children.  I’m not entirely sure what age until it’s written if I’m honest… wrong approach to writing? Maybe but it tends to work for me!  It’s going to be a book about how to manage your emotions by way of understanding and having a knowledge of chakras.

There.  No more mystery, in many respects.  No more vague blog posts (I hope!).  I’m back in the ‘game’, back in the spirit of the linky.  *roars like a tiger* or something.


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  1. I really wouldn’t worry…. most stories are based on other stories and plot lines but with an added twist and a from a different perspective, and a different setting. But in every story all the same elements are there! :o) #whatimwriting ps… your idea sounds very interesting.
    sadie hanson recently posted…I Write The BookMy Profile

  2. Sounds very interesting. There are books out there for dealing with emotions, but not that many. And a lot are US in origin. Not that this is a problem but I’d like to see more UK based books on this subject area. Speaking as a parent of a child who experienced some real issues with her emotions at a young age, books to help are very much needed.
    Iona@redpeffer recently posted…The writing processMy Profile

    • Thanks for that feedback Iona. I’ve experienced issues with emotions as an adult but if I’d known about chakras as a child or at least at a younger age, i’m certain that I’d have been better able to cope with what life threw at me…

  3. No apologies necessary: being mysterious is a valid writing style after all! That said, I’m pleased you’ve revealed a bit more this week – very intriguing.

    I’ve wondered before about sharing book/story ideas on my blog but I figure every writer is unique and the chances of anyone creating anything close to any idea I have in mind is pretty remote. I suspect your idea is safe because only you can write your book the way you intend to write it. Looking forward to hearing more anyway! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting x
    Maddy@writingbubble recently posted…what I’m writing – week threeMy Profile

  4. Haha – RAR indeed. The idea sounds great. I know some grown-ups (me) who could do with some help managing their emotions too. Tehre isn’t an ethos – write your stuff about your writing, which you totally did. NO apology necessary and thank you for linking up with #whatimwriting again x
    Chrissie recently posted…What I’m Writing: Not the EndMy Profile

  5. You know I’m not sure there’s any writer out there that can say their idea is truly original. But, writing it in your own words, adding a little touch of your own magic and seeing the words through your eyes, that’s what makes it original. Great post. #whatimwriting
    Morgan Prince recently posted…Hereditary Writing BugMy Profile

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