My saga ~ of the candy crush variety…

blog pic candy crush

My ‘to-do’ list is growing,

The rest will have to wait.

Time to ‘shutdown’… but what’s that icon glowing?

It’s another ‘app update’

Okay so I’ll just get the lastest ‘bug fix’

Then I’ll get going and get on, “sigh”.

What’s next in my ‘bag of tricks’?

…Hang on, something catches my eye!

The app store is a dangerous place to be,

My brain has turned to mush,

It can’t ignore the word ‘free’,

And look, there’s the sugar-coated ‘Candy Crush’.

“No, no,” my brain says, “don’t go there!”

Just then my finger taps “install”

“Uh oh,” soon I’ll be tearing out my hair…

Banging my head against a brick wall!

Hurray my new app is loaded

I’ll be strict, oh yes I will!

But these dam sweeties that are colour-coded

Mean my willpower is exactly… NIL!

One level up already – the man in the game says “Sweet!”

Swipe, swipe, wow this is fun!

Aha, I won’t be beat,

How many moves left? Only one…

One swipe away from a “Tasty” treat,

Woo hoo, go me, I won.

Now for a hasty retreat

My to-do list still not done…

Picture source: Pinterest


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