My Word of the Week is… tested !

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This is the week where I have been tested.  I’ve been beavering away on a writing project and have focussed like I’ve never focussed before.  This focus has seen me shun distractions as an absolute necessity.  It’s been a test that I have (mostly) won!

The biggest and most challenging test has come from our Little Bear though.  You know when your little one starts school and they immediately change? From the way they adopt phrases from their new-found friends to the way they also adopt some older (and younger!) childrens’ attitude!…  Our Little bear has been testing the waters and pushing the boundaries over what are, in actual fact, quite small things.  Such as asking for the TV after her bath, which she knows is a no-go from me in the week because I love to snuggle up with a book, not stimulating electronics!  To be fair, and I’m not claiming to be parent of the year by saying this, these mini stand-offs are few and far between.  I put it down to mine and hubby’s consistency!   But aha, there lies the rub – hubby was at work during this mini stand-off, I was the lone-ranger, I was getting very tired and I knew our little bear was too because of a later-then-normal birthday party the day before.  And with the party came the inevitable, the obligatory sugar-rush just at bed-time wind down time.  Not ideal but such is life!

1 tired tested parent + 1 tired testing little bear =

a fiver on the little bear…

I stood my ground while being asked 3 times if she could have TV after her bath.  My no-nonsense tone did me proud and I won!  Our little bear walked up the stairs herself with minimal fuss.  On reading this, it may not seem like a big deal but I was proud, I was triumphant and our little bear still told me she loved me before lights out 🙂

And that is why my word of the week is ‘tested’!

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  1. Oh yes, they do like to test those boundaries! Our kids never come downstairs after bathtime, and as it’s always been like that, followed by bed and storytime, I don’t think it’s occurred to them to push it! But yes, they test in other ways! Well done for staying strong! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x
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