Oh no, I dance like my Dad!!

Yes it’s a fact. One that I noticed myself and have to admit is true! Today while dancing round with  3 my nearly 3 year old, I was throwing all sorts of shapes and moves to keep her amused. Then I realised that I was dancing EXACTLY like my Dad! Exactly like him! It was a strange moment because most people ,especially hubby, say I sound and walk like my Mum/sister. You kind of expect that as a woman. But not to dance like your Dad!

I’ve also read someone else’s blog today about music helping to stimulate the brain. It’s quite clear to me that our little girl has benefitted from musical play groups. She now randomly sings whole songs without being prompted. Maybe this is perfectly normal at this stage but I’m not biased you understand!..  When I was pregnant, she always used to have a jiggle to music, particularly classical music. I’ve just read about how a child’s eardrums are very sensitive, particularly in the third trimester of pregnancy.

We’ve usually got music of some sort on at home. I hate silence. As the songs says ‘music makes the people come together!’

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