Old friends = good times :D

So glad I took time out to meet up with an old work colleague and good friend today.  I popped into town with our little bear, took her bucket and spade in case she wanted to go the park sandpit on the way home (talk about being prepared!!), got her some more stickers (current obsession), new colouring book and new ‘princess’ pants (she corrects me everytime I call them knickers!)  Then off we went to one of our old haunt that was, and still is, a good tea stop.  Like I said it was so nice to see Phill, great to talk face to face again.  Our little bear was more than happy with a gingerbread man!  We parted company with the vow that we would meet again very soon.  They have cats, which our bear loves, so a visit to Phill and one of his special strong coffees is on the cards very soon 🙂


Was very impressed that I walked into town and back… I felt like I’d had a good, healthy day.  Then hubby popped to the shop on the way home from work and got a nice cake to go with the cream left over from the discounted strawberries we had last night.  Might as well have a blow out now then eh!

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