One of the best things I’ve ever ever ever done…

…without a shadow of a doubt is to use a reward chart for my little girl.  There are tons of things I do well as a parent, a few things I might not do so well and a ton more that I do really well.
Since September my little bear has been having problems having a number 2.  She’s been holding them in beyond holding.  Thinking it was a phase, we put off taking her to doctor because we didn’t want to focus on the issue.  Long story short and after taking advice from our childminder who had the same issue with her little girl at the same age, we went down the reward chart route.  We’ve ebayed for ‘special stickers’, googled for free reward charts, ebayed again for surprises that the fairies can bring her that she can keep, decorated a box that the fairies bring the surprises in and hey presto, without wanting to tempt fate, it’s done the trick!

This issue has easily been the most challenging.  We’ve been very lucky with our little bear. Bedtimes have never been a problem, she eats healthily – the same stuff but she eats!, she’s happy and that’s all we ask for her.  So when the toilet thing became a real serious concern, I got very anxious.  3 reward charts later and special stickers later and she tells you that she got George Pig and her Peppa Pig watch for being a big clever girl and doing a poo.  

Anyone reading this who has just been put off their Friday night fish and chips, I make no apologies.  This is BIG news in our house tonight and cause for much celebration.  Believe me 😀

On another note, this time next week I’ll be all dolled up at a charity ball!

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