One potato, two potato, three potato, more…

This is a fantastic incentive to stick to a few sit-ups a day.  


You simply pop a pound (or equivalent according on your country!) into your jam jar when you’ve done your sit-ups or equivalent for the day.  Then you spend the money on that new pair of jeans/that new haircut you’ve promised yourself.  Or whatever it may be that you’ve given yourself as an incentive.  
You might want to call it a contemporary jam jar savings.

I do something similar.  Every Sunday, whatever change is in my purse (not a lot usually because I don’t have any…  and I tend to pay by card) goes in my savings pot.  Then that money goes towards having my hair coloured or a new pair of shoes.  If an emergency comes up before the pot is full, I have to dive in… but it’s still fun and a good way for me to save.  It also helps to stop me break into a note on a Sunday if there’s one burning a hole in my purse.  If it’s broken, it’s straight in the pot on Sunday night!  

What incentives do you have to save for something?


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