Less than a week to launch! Excited muchly :D

Less than a week to launch! Excited muchly 😀.

Less than a week to launch! Excited muchly :D

Having got my ISBN number through the post this week, I’ve been putting the final pieces in place and am now only a couple of clicks away from publishing and launching my ebook ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’. The main reason for me writing it in the first place is to raise awareness of pre-eclampsia, hellp syndrome, placenta praevia and other pregnancy related conditions. My main concern is that women and their partners don’t trust their instincts that something might be amiss… That, ladies and gentlemen, is why I’m giving half of the sales to APEC (Action on Pre-eclampsia). I truly hope that my book helps someone else when they really need it.

Soggy top, middle and bottom!

Soggy top, middle and bottom!.

Soggy top, middle and bottom!

Okay, so tonight I thought I would make a banana cake.  It’s a good while since I ventured into banana cake territory so I thought I was immune to the soggy middle.  The oven was nice and hot but not too hot; all ingredients measured out and folded in.  It baked uninterrupted with no harsh bangs of the oven door half way through… and still I had to cut round the soggy middle!

Hmm my belly is now full of banana cake.  Although soggy in the middle, the edges are deeelish 🙂 I do feel very bloated like I’m at least 6 months pregnant now though.  Not good…

Today has been a good, reasonably relaxed day.  This morning our little bear asked me at about 9am ‘what’s the time?’  ‘I’m going to see my animal friends later aren’t I?’  Yes, but not until 11.30 :s  Needless to say, she abandoned her toys like they were 80’s cast-offs, ran to put her shoes on and off she went.  Barely a wave good or a blown kiss in sight.  She couldn’t WAIT to get to the childminder’s.  What more could a parent wish for?

At home time, she was shattered with a capital ‘s’.  She painted a picture today too.  ‘What’s the picture of?’.  ‘A car mummy’.  Another picture to add to our little bear’s gallery 🙂

Interestingly diverse and did I mention I’ve written a book??

Interestingly diverse and did I mention I’ve written a book??.

Interestingly diverse and did I mention I’ve written a book??

Well today I’ve been doing a workbook on diversity at work… and actually quite enjoyed it too!  I’ve lost count of the amount of diversity awareness sessions/days/courses I’ve done through work over the past 10 years and usually you look at it as a ‘jolly’.  Today at work we were, unbelievably, very quiet.  That never ever happens.  On top of that, the rota put me in a part of the office where you don’t get much interaction with the rest of the team.  I was actually bored at one point… Like I say, this never happens.  I’ve got to complete a diversity workbook and I thought ‘now’s the time’.  I couldn’t exactly sit there on my phone because ‘the management’ could see me.  I didn’t know what to browse online which was work related.  

Doing the workbook made me realise how my attitudes HAVE changed over the years.  It’s also pretty amazing how much prejudice comes from your childhood.  I’m not saying that I’m whiter than white but I am saying that I’m much more impartial than I ever was J

I’m getting seriously excited.  I was telling a colleague about my eBook that I’m due to launch in the next couple of weeks, and she was very interested.  I can’t tell you what it means for me to get this book on the market.  The more awareness of pre-eclampsia and hellp syndrome, the better as far as I’m concerned.  I’ve got to be careful how much I say in this blog because I’m not sure how much I’ll get away with!  

ISBNs here I come!!

ISBNs here I come!!.

ISBNs here I come!!

By the end of play today, my first eBook will be ready for publishing!  My first job for tomorrow is to apply for my ISBN.  It’s been a great project.  Yesterday I finished the cover and I’m really happy with the final picture.  Today I have converted it to pdf.  Next I’ve got to work out how to link it all up to the website and a very well known online book bike that sounds like a forest!!

Very very exciting times 🙂

On Saturday I was doing pretty well considering I ended up staying up til 12.30…am. Yes am!  I was hooked on the olympics opening ceremony and decided that I may as well stay up to watch Team GB.  Glad I did.  What a moment. What a piece of history that I’ll never experience again 🙂

Saturday.  Our bear and hubby had some ‘them time’ while I had some time to myself.  Yay!!  I had my hear done, which included an arm and head massage.  All courtesy of an excellent offer on groupon.  Then I had my eyes tested and ended up with free designer glasses!  Off I went to specsavers to use my free eye test voucher from work. Thought I’d have to splash out on some new lenses if my prescription’s changed but can’t stretch to new frames at the mo. Prescription’s same. “While I’m here, would it be possible to have my glasses cleaned and tightened please?’ No problem. She comes back and says, “I’m so sorry but the machine has broken your glasses. You can have these ones mended or choose any pair you like, including the designer range”. Er let me think about that one!!! They were trying to bend them back into shape because apparantly the hot weather had warped them ever so slightly. Machine’s only ever broken 2 pairs of glasses… Result!!! 😀 

Our bear keeps saying, “I like your glasses mummy. You look cool!”. Aw!

Finally before I finish this post…. did I mention I’m publishing my own eBook?!?

Bitch slaps and bailiffs…

First, there is a very good reason why I haven’t blogged for so long… the last blog post should give you a clue. Like pretty much every other woman on the planet, I’ve been over-indulging in Mr Grey.  I’ve nearly finished the first book and between that, and getting my eBook sorted, I haven’t had time for blogs.

Browsing through my emails tonight, I got distracted by the ‘news’.  Well, entertainment news.  I found myself clicking on a headline for one of the soaps.  Riveting stuff!  There’s affairs, alcoholism, bitch slapping, bailiffs, pregnancy tests (positive of course!), gay love stories… and that’s just in one soap as far as I can tell!  What really concerns me is that these soaps are supposed to reflect our lives?!?  Don’t make me laugh out loud…   

I think I’ll stick to my fun-loving educational and slightly addictive CBeebies programmes thanks J  Mr Bloom’s Nursery, Woolly and Tig and I Can Cook will do me just fine.

Last night was the night!

I’m no longer a colourless virgin!

After the busiest week for a good while, hubby was going out and I was absolutely adamant that I wasn’t going to do any tidying last night!  Our little bear was in bed, I opened my new book and off I went 🙂  I am of course talking about the first in the Grey Trilogy.  ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ didn’t disappoint.  I found it quite amusing and really enjoyed it.  It’s very clever too.  I’m glad I enjoyed it after all the hype.  After my busy week though, I could hardly keep my eyes open by 9.30.  Off I went to bed to read it there.  I didn’t last long.  I had to admit defeat by 10.  I needed sleep so Mr Grey and Ana had to wait until today.  I’m proud to say that I’m no longer a colourless virgin.  Grey is pretty colourless after all.

Today was like that Bruno Mars song ‘Today I don’t feel like doing anything’.  So we hardly did anything at all.  We stayed in our jim jams until gone 10.  I didn’t really thing going food shopping in my jim jams was a good idea. It wasn’t until our bear’s afternoon nap that she got into her normal clothes though.  She was happy, and she’s had a busy week too and just wanted to chill.  Our house has been very chilled out today 🙂