Short Circuit

I wish I was like the computer in the film ‘Short Circuit’ that could scan a whole book in seconds and absorb every single little piece of information.  Such is the wealth of information on the good on web, that when researching how to compile an eBook today, I clicked and clicked and was taken somewhere… well I’m not entirely where!  Quite appropriate that the sub title of this website is ‘where will your click take you today?’

I’ve had a relatively relaxing weekend that didn’t pass by in a blur!  Hubby got to spend some one-on-one time with our little bear, chasing her around with balloons 🙂  While I did said research.  Win win.

I’ve recently updated my phone contract. There is a point to this.  I was going to go Pay As You Go but have been given an unmissable offer by my current network.  This means that I’ve still got internet access on my phone for pennies (well, a few more than just pennies, but a good offer nonetheless!). It means that I can blog on the move.  Fantastic!

My aim for the next month is to publish my first eBook and also to write and have accepted 10 short articles online.

Anyone who says that I can’t or won’t – hush your mouth!  Positive peeps here only please 😀

It’s all a bit of a pain really…

an extremely well-known search engine that practically owns the web has made it very difficult for me to keep blogging on my old blog, for various reasons.  That’s as far as I go with bad-mouthing them.  Onwards and upwards to…

my new blog! 

I’ve written a book.  I’ve started several over the years in fact!  The one that I’ve finished actually started life as a blog but a good friend suggested I might consider turning it into an ebook.  So that’s exactly what I’m doing 🙂  I’m currently trawling the web to find out the quickest and easiest way to publish.  I don’t think that I’m far off being a published author.  My intention with my first ebook (note ‘first’ suggests more to come!) is to perhaps raise some money for the local maternity unit.  This seed was planted in my mind nearly 3 years ago. 

My new blog will be a platform for virtually all sorts of things.  One day you might have a skim read and see something about parenting.  Another day you might stumble across something on beating depression. Another on growing up on a farm.  The list is as long as the memories, thoughts, opinions and ideas that continually form in my head 🙂  Welcome to me!