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So as a blogger, I take part in a few ‘linkys’. I enjoy getting involved, commenting on others’ blogs and have begun to regularly follow many of the regulars’ ‘non-linky’ blog posts as a result. But what I really love about blogging, from the point of view of this Virtually All Sorts blog, is the writing inspiration it gives me. That moment when reading a prompt gives you a flash of inspiration! There’s nothing quite like it as a blogger and writer.
That is exactly what happened when I read ‘The Prompt’ from Sara at Mumturnedmom.

“Everything in moderation”.


This prompt has given me such a massive light bulb moment that it has, in fact spurred me on to start, actually quite a big writing project. A book. Potentially a series of them! I can’t wait to get stuck in because the topic is something I firmly believe in and am very passionate about.

I won’t say any more than that at this stage but I will be posting updates on my new project 🙂  All I will say is that the idea just came to me when I started to break the prompt down…

Thanks Sara 😉




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