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Over the past couple of weeks, I have been mostly rhyming.  This is due to a slightly unexpected but potentially extremely exciting opportunity, of which I very much hope to be able to reveal more soonest.  Regrettably, yet not in a strictly ‘regrettable’ way due to the potential opportunity, I must remain schtum for now!

I’m writing this as a welcome break from anything rhyming.  As much as I love the flow of it all coming together, and the satisfaction of a rhyme, this week’s #WhatImWriting is the perfect chance to reflect on not rhyming!

I currently have a few blog-related and ultimately pure writing projects on the go and each one is providing me with a challenge in its own right.

  • The #NextBigThing which explores how to manage your emotions through chakras
  • #TheZenZing – a new series where I will share how to put the zest back in your zen!

Each one is a challenge to produce refreshing, engaging content that will satisfy me as the writer and you as the reader.  Over the past few months and in the coming months, I hope to reach my own expectations, or even to exceed them.  Yes, we’ll go with exceeding them!

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  1. yet again you keep us hanging! I waaaaaant to knooooooow! But seriously (although I’m serious about wanting to know) it sounds very exciting – hope it all goes well! And I’ve been rhyming a lot too for my picture books – after a while you find yourself trying to rhyme everything! No more “can you make me a cup of tea please” to your husband but “Oh husband dear, I think it’d be a great idea, if you did this thing for me, which is to make a cup of tea”. Tee hee. Thanks for linking to #whatImWriting
    Maddy@writingbubble recently posted…new year plans (or not) – #WhatImWritingMy Profile

    • You’re right Maddy, you really do end up rhyming everything! The notes on my phone are full of part-rhymes, from musing on them on the school run, in the queue at the shop… Crazy where you find inspiration. Not in a position to tell you more just yet but I promise that as soon as I am, #WhatImWriting will be in the know 🙂

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