So a change is needed…

The last few times I’ve had my hair cut, I’ve used Groupon. And Groupon = bargain!


Ive got 25% off my next appointment and have hopefully got a ball to go to in November 🙂 Soooo it’s time for a colour and change. Now my roots are beyond roots! They have been in desperate need of some TLC for a good few months. So desperate that my hair is ALMOST looking tretone two-tone-esque. But not quite :s

I thought it bestgot get some professional advice… When I was pregnant 3 years ago (!), my skin reacted by blistering after a patch test. This is apparently because of changes during pregnancy.

About a year ago, I left a job which was restrictive on your hair coloulength length (to a degree). So when I left I was a bit of a rebel and had it dyed…permanently. Hmmm lesson learnt! Then I couldn’t afford to maintain the colour…until Groupon came along with an offer. Stupidly (again!) I had it bleached to strip the dark and went ashblonde. It came out blonde blonde though! Which was nice but only if I could afford to maintain it! The point is… I’m having my hair done and need to be able to maintain it, tie it back when I can’t be a&£@d or haven’t got the time, and make it look good when I have the time or inclination. Straighteners were my best friend but I just don’t have the time nowadays. Some fringes suit me but one half of my Fringe is wavy/curly and one half is straight! 

Do you see my problem??

Oh and my hair is very fine so looks lank quickly? Now that I’ve typed this post, I’m not sure what I’m expecting anyone to say about it lol? It’s good therapy, even of I am no closer to finding my perfect hair style/colour!

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