So how DOES Father Christmas know where you live anyway?

Does Rudolph have a little GPS gadget attached to his very shiney nose?  Does Santa employ a reindeer called TomTom for the night?  Does he google it before leaving the North Pole?  No.  His reindeers look for the magic reindeer glitter!

If you didn’t know this, you’re not alone!  Tonight when I picked up our little bear from the childminder’s for the last time this year, she gave me a little bag with some glitter and oats.  She then told me and our little bear that it’s very important to sprinkle it on the lawn on Christmas Eve night so that the reindeers can see it.  Then they know to guide Father Christmas’s sleigh to your house!  Well I never knew THAT!


Here’s the Christmas card that our little bear made for us today… Image


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