So I’ve had my ipad nicked

Where’s my keys? Where’s my phone? Where’s my ipad?…

Got my keys, got my phone.  Where IS my ipad?…

You turn your back for 5 minutes.

Keys, phone, no ipad.

*scratches head*


Oh, my 3 year old’s nicked it to play her Barnyard games on! (with parental lock on of course!)  She’s playing the memory game, balloon popper, alphabet bubbles, fruit slinger, number jumble and is dropping and dragging like the best of them!

Crazy to think that my sister and I had a ZX Spectrum plus back in the day.  We used to have to put cassette tapes into the tape player, rig it all up to the computer and if you got the volume slightly wrong, the dam thing didn’t load!!

Retro 🙂

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