Soggy top, middle and bottom!

Okay, so tonight I thought I would make a banana cake.  It’s a good while since I ventured into banana cake territory so I thought I was immune to the soggy middle.  The oven was nice and hot but not too hot; all ingredients measured out and folded in.  It baked uninterrupted with no harsh bangs of the oven door half way through… and still I had to cut round the soggy middle!

Hmm my belly is now full of banana cake.  Although soggy in the middle, the edges are deeelish 🙂 I do feel very bloated like I’m at least 6 months pregnant now though.  Not good…

Today has been a good, reasonably relaxed day.  This morning our little bear asked me at about 9am ‘what’s the time?’  ‘I’m going to see my animal friends later aren’t I?’  Yes, but not until 11.30 :s  Needless to say, she abandoned her toys like they were 80’s cast-offs, ran to put her shoes on and off she went.  Barely a wave good or a blown kiss in sight.  She couldn’t WAIT to get to the childminder’s.  What more could a parent wish for?

At home time, she was shattered with a capital ‘s’.  She painted a picture today too.  ‘What’s the picture of?’.  ‘A car mummy’.  Another picture to add to our little bear’s gallery 🙂

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