Mental Health ~ why we should keep talking about it

Mental Health ~ Why We Should Keep Talking About It And Empower Our Children

 Mental health is happening and is being talked about

Right now

And not just by ‘normal’ folk but by Kate Middleton and Princes William and Harry.  And they show that mental health can happen to anyone.  Prince Harry has talked of how he was affected when his mother, Princess Diana died.

And Prince William has talked of how he and Kate will be encouraging their children to talk about their emotions as they grow up – not adopting a ‘stiff upper lip’ and bottling those feelings up.

Mental Health ~ Why We Should Keep Talking About It And Empower Our Children

The ups and downs

When we experienced a sudden family bereavement and began our rollercoaster of a journey, I remember clearly the ups and downs of emotions that I felt.  Once the shock subsided a little, I needed to talk about it, to get my feelings and thoughts out.  The tears came and went.  And came and went again and again, but the words that came expressed those tears and helped to make sense of a muddled situation.  And muddled it was.  Every single emotion was felt in quick succession, sometimes at the same time…

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The Minimum Stress Practical Guide to helping your child through bereavement

Last week I told you briefly why there hasn’t been much going on in the Virtually All Sorts camp from a blogging perspective over the past few months. We’ve had the stuffing knocked out of us…

minimum stress practical guide to helping your child through bereavement stress trauma death survive

… but I’m turning my rollercoaster ride into something positive: a series of blog posts to hopefully help others who may be experiencing some of the same events, like a family bereavement.


Yes, unfortunately, we recently had an unexpected family bereavement and all of mine and hubby’s energies have been focussed on keeping life as normal as possible for our little girl (who is now 6).


Yet right at the beginning of this challenging event, we asked ourselves if ‘normal’ is good for our little girl.  At some point, we all have to experience grief.  At some point we all have to experience the rollercoaster of emotions: anger, sadness, shock, exhaustion… and so it starts all over again.

…but not too young, surely?

We asked ourselves: Do we simply tell her that someone has died?  Or do we use phrases like ‘gone to sleep’ or ‘passed away’?

We found the Marie Curie website really helpful and reassuring.  And we approached the subject in a black and white, simplistic, age-appropriate way.  So far it seems to have gone as smoothly as can be expected.  Of course, there have been emotional days when our little girl, “can’t stop,” her crying, to which we’ve told her that it’s her feelings finding their way out of her body and she must let them out by tears if they need to come out.

It’s heart-breaking to see her go through this, heart-breaking to go through it with her but vital that she must go through it, in equal measure.


Next week I’ll talk you through how to cope in a medical emergency… but for now I’d love to hear how you approached this sensitive subject with your little one?

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My #NextBigThing Writing Project ~ an apology !

Writing Bubble

First up, I believe I have an apology to make…

I’m not entirely convinced that my previous post for this #WhatImWriting linky was in-keeping with the whole ethos of the linky.  Why?  Because I didn’t actually say much!  I didn’t actually tell you ‘what I’m writing’.  Nothing at all.

I suppose the reason being that I was scared of revealing it, quite honestly.  What if someone stole it, spruced it up and I saw my idea published before I’d even edited my version?!

Well further research tells me that my book idea is already ‘out there’ BUT not in the way I plan to approach it (which I will keep under wraps for now…)

You see, my book idea, my #NextBigThing project is aimed at children.  I’m not entirely sure what age until it’s written if I’m honest… wrong approach to writing? Maybe but it tends to work for me!  It’s going to be a book about how to manage your emotions by way of understanding and having a knowledge of chakras.

There.  No more mystery, in many respects.  No more vague blog posts (I hope!).  I’m back in the ‘game’, back in the spirit of the linky.  *roars like a tiger* or something.


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