The first gold medal winning hurdle goes to me!

The first hurdle in my eBook compiling adventure is making a cover for my book.  There was me thinking it would be pretty straight forward.  Hubby sorted out Adobe on the computer yesterday; I’ve bookmarked a few good sites with free cover templates.  My aim for tonight was to sort out the cover and add ecommerce to the website.  Tomorrow night I was going to look at eBook compilers.  Well, I still will.  Got to stick to the plan!  Simply copying and pasting your work from a word document doesn’t work, it seems.  Arrrrggghhhh!  It’s a good job I’m an optimist and like a challenge. 

I have, at least, already written my first book.  It’s all these technical hurdles that frustrate me. At least I’ve got a techy hubby 🙂

Last night I brain-stormed some good topics for books, which can be broken down to even more!  I stick to my word. I will have an eBook published, and published well, not just “that’ll do” before the end of July. 

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