The Garden Gang

garden theme game

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Penelope Strawberry

Benny Broad Bean

Lucy Leek

Gertrude Gooseberry

Out of all the characters in ‘The Garden Gang’ books by Jayne Fisher, these  are the ones that I loved the most as a child.

I found the stories that Fisher wrote to be enchanting.  They really captured my young imagination with the colourful drawings and the cheeky veggie names!  Little did she know how popular her garden gang books would be when she started writing them at the tender age of 9.  She was to be the youngest ever Ladybird author at the age of 12.  What an incredible achievement!

The inside cover of my own well-thumbed copy of ‘Wee Willie Water Melon and Betty Beetroot tells me that Jayne had:

“…her own little garden at home which gave her the ideas for these stories.  Jayne’s bold, colourful felt-tipped pen illustrations are bound to appeal to young children…”

So not only was she a talented young author, she also created the vivid, bold illustrations too.  I wonder what she is doing now?… Perhaps she’s writing a ‘garden’ blogpost for the #TheThemeGame ?!…

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The Theme Game


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  1. I’d forgotten all about the garden gang! What a lovely blast from the past! I loved these, too. In fact, I wonder if they’re all still up in my mum’s loft – I will find out! Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame x

  2. Re-discovering children’s books that I used to love is one of the best things – we invest so much love and fascination into these things and it lives somewhere in our memory forever. I’m always amazed by published young authors too – some people are just creative from the word go! #TheThemeGame

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