The good old times, assertiveness and another sale!

After a good friend posted a ton of pictures of the bygone days online, we now have a reunion provisionally planned for July 2013!  It really is incredible how a few photos can stir up so many happy memories (not mammories lads!) and get a group of very good friends back together again!

I’ve sold another copy of my book ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’… very, extremely, unbelievably pleased about that (as Lola from  ‘Charlie and Lola’ might say!)

Of all the books you can read about how to cope with a toddler’s assertiveness, you can’t really, truly be prepared for it in real life.  Picture the scene – with not a great deal of time before our little bear had to go to the childminders to see her ‘animal friends’, we made a quick trip to the library.  It’s getting harder and harder to coax her into her pushchair these days and to be fair, she is getting too big for it.  Where DID my baby go?!  She’s quite happy to walk with her reins but has recently started to pull back on them like a dog and wants to go in completely the opposite direction.  If you want to go to the shop, she wants the park. Not a problem if you’re not in a hurry!  She’s also decided that she wants to actually sit on her potty.  Great! Fantastic!  But not when you’ve got to the be out of the house in 5 minutes…! Assertiveness is a great characteristic and I hope she grows up to be confident and assertive but I’m running out of negotiation skills and bribes!

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