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Above are the main tools I use to write with.  This last week has been as far away from procrastination as I think it’s possible to get (my one day a month of non-procrastination has definitely been achieved in just one night already!).  Each and every minute has been used productively.  Whether that be for mentally brainstorming ideas, jotting down notes and rhymes by hand or on my good old smartphone, or actually doing good, hard writing in good sized sessions.  That was last week and looks set to be this week too.  In fact, it will be this week.  I’ve been writing tonight, for a good hour.  Intense, focussed writing.  I’ve produced work that I’m very happy with.  In a couple of days I will go back and tweak but I haven’t got time to tweak too much, for which I’m thankful.  I’m in danger of overdoing it if I edit too much.

The photo above shows my trusty bite-sized post-its that I use to highlight sections of  works in progress.  I find that using these is better then scribbling all over my work as they can be easily pulled off and even put elsewhere, thereby leaving a reasonably neat page to read.  And then there’s my equally trusty highlighter.  When I write I have arrows all over the place, boxed off sections of paragraphs with numbers, letters and symbols next to them telling me where that particular section belongs.  The final part of my process is to number each section in a neat circle and highlight that circle.  Then, before it’s typed up proper, it’s easy to see my work without stumbling and losing my flow.  Soon I will share a picture of my some of crazy writing notes!

What are your writing tools and how do you use yours?

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  1. I’ve just bought myself a pack of those little post its for the next phase in my redrafting. Post it notes generally are awesome I reckon. And lots of different coloured pens. It sounds like you’ve had a fantastically productive week! I hope this week is just as successful 🙂 x
    Sophie is… recently posted…The gift of feedbackMy Profile

  2. I love post it notes-I have them littering everywhere! I live on scribbled notes on paper or electronic versions on my phone hastily typed in whilst waiting to pick up the children from school. And well done on the achievement of ‘non procrastination’ 🙂
    Iona@redpeffer recently posted…Finding an agent, or notMy Profile

  3. Wow – it sounds like you’re moving forward at express train speed! Well done!

    My ‘tools’ are basically my lap top – every time I make serious edits to a document I save it as a different draft number so my hard drive is cluttered but my desk isn’t (well not with writing stuff anyway!). I do have a notebook now but even that is a recent addition. I think things will change when I eventually finish the first draft of my novel though. I’ll have to print that out to read it through and I suspect it will be a very different process to all my shorter pieces.

    Interesting post – love hearing about people’s processes! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting
    Maddy@writingbubble recently posted…what I’m writing – week seventeenMy Profile

  4. When I’m typing, I ALWAYS have a little notebook and pen next to me so I can jot down the random thoughts that pop into my head, which means I can’t forget anything! Obviously, I started doing this after I’d forgotten a million things already… never again! Lexie X
    Alexandra Mayhew recently posted…Call Yourself A Writer?My Profile

    • Typing or not, I always have pen and paper to hand, be it virtual or traditional. I read somewhere the J.K.Rowling write the basics of the Harry Potter concept on the back of scrap paper while on a delayed train. Not sure how true it is but makes for an inspiring anecdote and shows that ideas can strike anywhere!

  5. I love the idea you do things by hand. How retro (lol). It’s great. I should do more by hand – years of not writing anything have turned my perfectly acceptable handwriting into some kind of ugly scrawl. There’s something more artistic and creative in doing it by hand. Sometimes it just feels right x
    Chrissie recently posted…What I’m writing – TimeMy Profile

  6. Great post. I generally use my computer for writing. When I’m jotting down ideas for a new novel I’ll use post its or a notebook and then transfer ideas when I’m ready for writing an outline. As for editing, well I’m not quite there yet but your post its idea sounds good. I may give that a go! 🙂 #whatimwriting
    Morgan Prince recently posted…Progress!My Profile

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