Uh oh, we’re in trouble!…

Today has been a day of very pink things.  Courtesy mainly of our little bear.  She does love pink.  She’s had new pink shoes which she chose herself, pink drinks, pink colouring… and a new pink purse for me!

During my mad dash to get from the hairdressers, to the car park before my ticket ran out, I made a quick diversion to TK Maxx.  Luckily the purses were right near the front and I thought it would be a case of grabbing the one to best suit my needs and leg it back to the car.  Well, I’ve never seen so many purses of all different shapes, sizes and functions in my whole life!  It took me 15 minutes to choose a purse.  One that didn’t cost more than a tenner.  I mean, really!!  In the end I found my perfect purse.  It’s not your traditional looking purse with neat little slots inside for your cards and your notes.  It’s a big clasp purse, with a mini one attached inside.  It’ll hold my coins, notes (like I ever have any of those in there anyway!) and my cards all separately.  No problems.  Okay, one problem.  It’s pink!  In fact, it matches our little bear’s new shoes!!  She’s so going to want mummy’s new purse. 
Uh oh, we’re in trouble!

 On another note entirely, I’ve been getting ever so slightly (!) carried away with freebies from Vistaprint.  It’s like an aladdin’s cave and it’s all for me.  Yeah, baby!!


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